Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, BJMA Progressive Krav Maga Black Belt, Judo Brown Belt, Registered Sambo Australia Coach, Registered Boxing & Kickboxing Trainer, Kettlebell Instructor & Qualified Personal Trainer

 Victorian Welterweight MMA Champion, 16 Professional MMA Fights, 20 Amateur MMA Fights, Has also competed extensively in Brazillian JiuJitsu, No-Gi Grappling, Freestyle Wrestling, Sambo & Muay Thai

SPECIALTIES: Training competitors to excel in combat sports and training the general public in effective martial arts & self defence techniques



“Motivating my clients to become stronger, fitter and faster builds their confidence and helps motivate me as a trainer. Helping my client achieve their goals and helping to train a novice into an amateur fighter and then watching him compete in his first pro Muay Thai or MMA fight is truly inspiring. There is really nothing else I’d rather do” 

QUALIFICATIONS:  Kickboxing Black Belt, BJMA Progressive Krav Maga Black Belt, BJJ Purple Belt, Registered Boxing & Kickboxing Trainer, Registered Sambo Australia Coach & Qualified Personal Trainer

15 Professional Muay Thai & MMA Fights in Australia and Internationally. Extensive overseas training experience.

SPECIALTIES: Helping members achieve there goals though training methods I have acquired through years of training and competing.

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