Team Nemesis

23/44 Sparks Ave,
Fairfield VIC 3078, Australia

PH : 1300 40 99 50

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why train at Nemesis?

Team Nemesis is Melbourne’s’ number 1 Mixed Martial Arts team. Our results in the ring are a testament to our quality coaching and teaching methods. Whether you’re just interested in training for fitness or you have goals to compete, Team Nemesis is the place for you. Our ego free, safe & friendly gym atmosphere is the best environment for our students to progress.

Is Nemesis suitable for beginners?

Yes, we offer a number of beginner focused classes which are ideal for those who are training for the first time (or even if you are returning to Martial Arts after a long break). Beginner’s classes are an ego free and friendly environment for you to pick up the basics or fine tune your skills.

Do I need to get fit before I start training?

No you Do NOT need to be fit before you start training BUT you will certainly get a LOT fitter by training with us. We understand that people come from all different levels of fitness. Our trainers will work with you no matter how fit you are to ensure that you enjoy your training but still get a good effective workout.

Do you train females?

Yes, all our classes are female friendly. Many of our female members have been training with us for over 5 years and have gained lots of confidence and self defence skills. We have also had several females who have competed on our fight team.

Are you just a fight gym or can anyone join?

Our gym is open to anyone of any skill level to join. Most of our students have no interest in professional fighting, they train for fitness, self defence or just developing great Martial Arts skills. Anyone who does wish to be part of our fight team must start off by taking part in the regular classes. If they show potential they will be selected to take part in our invite only fight team training.

What do I need to wear and bring?

Just wear some light and comfortable clothing that will enable you to move freely. Please bring along a towel and a water bottle. Please feel free to bring your own equipment but most of it will be supplied, eg skipping ropes, boxing gloves, and focus mitts.

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