Physiotherapy and Remedial Massage Now Onsite

melbourne_physiotherapistQMD Physiotherapy and Performance is now operating out of Team Nemesis Martial Arts.
Injuries can now be assessed and treated onsite by qualified professionals who understand the nature of martial arts training. QMD Physiotherapy and Performance is headed by Physiotherapist, Quan Dang. Quan has been training martial arts since 1989 and currently holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With over 15 year experience as a physiotherapist, he loves working with people of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their physical health goals.
You can find out more or making a booking online by visiting

Workshop 1: Nutrition for high intensity Martial Arts training


So you’ve started Martial Arts training but have no idea what you should eat before or after a session to keep your energy levels up and for recovery. Don’t feel bad because most people don’t either. What better way to find out than attending the 1 hour work shop on nutrition run by Joanna Guy on nutrition for martial arts.

During the hour long workshop Joanna will be running through pre and post workout nutrition. What you should and shouldn’t be eating for your body to perform at its best. She is a qualified dietician, personal trainer and works with high level athletes such as cross fitters and triathletes. Click FULL PAGE for ticket details.
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Elliott victorious on Rebellion Muay Thai Melbourne

rebellion_muaythai_melbourneOn Saturday 13th May 2017, Team Nemesis Muay Thai fighter Elliott Glenister wins his professional bout in round 1 via knockout on Rebellion. He lived up to his name “The Sledgehammer” and dismantled his opponent in devastating fashion via punches.

Every Rebellion manages to out do itself with last nights being the best one yet, showcasing some of the be Muay Thai talent in Australia. No wonder it is regarded as Australia’s #1 Muay Thai promotion.

Recovery, Nutrition, and Mindfulness workshops at Nemesis

recovery_nutrition_mindfulness2LIMITED TO 40 TICKETS.
***Early Bird $35*** Early bird prices end 15th May 2017.

Tickets can be purchased online here:

Do you find your self asking the following?
I’ve got a bit of a injury but don’t know if I should train through it?
What’s the best way to improve my flexibilty?
What should I eat before training?
What should I eat after training to lose weight?
I can’t sleep at night after training. What can I do to help calm the mind? READ MORE BELOW

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Elliott ready for Rebellion Muay Thai Melbourne

rebellion_muaythai_melbourneTeam Nemesis fighter Elliott Gleniser all weighed in and ready for his professional bout on Rebellion Muay Thai on Saturday 13th May. He has been training hard and fighting at a higher weight and ready to show the Melbourne Muay Thai community how powerful he can be at this new weight. Photography by W.L Fight Photography.